The land that fashion forgot..

I remember a time when I had style. Well, I had a style anyway. I could wake up in the morning and choose something to wear that suited my mood and hop and skip out the door. Getting dressed was easy and mostly enjoyable.

Then my first pregnancy hit and I loved it, maternity clothes are really cute, everything was figure hugging and I rocked my lovely bump.

After my babies my body had changed, obviously. I had to rid myself of all my cute size 8 dresses. My jeans would never fit again no matter how much weight I lost. I swear not only my hips but my ribs are wider!

I don’t mind my post pregnancy body. I don’t yearn for my 18 year old flat stomach. My body is doing just fine.

Except that I haven’t got around to dressing it yet….

The need for a whole new wardrobe combined with a budget-inducing career break has left me low on options.

My wardrobe at the moment consists of…

  • High waisted “mom” jeans to tuck my belly into.
  • Long vest tops that are still in use post-maternity wear.
  • Flat boots that have seen better days alternated with faux Converse from the kids section in Dunnes (thankfully my shoe size hasn’t changed)
  • A few shapeless dresses, one which my eldest calls my “broken Humpty Dumpty” dress due to a questionable print.
  • Hoodies….
  • Cardigans.
  • Plain long sleeved tops.

Its a very sad wardrobe. On a day when I have to look smart or want to look good, I’m at a complete loss.

In September I will return to work part-time which will require clothes that at least have a semblance of respectability about them.

And so begins project capsule wardrobe. However I seem to have lost my fashion sense completely. A few years of not shopping and I find I don’t even know where to begin. How do I start a wardrobe from scratch? And what on earth should it contain???