One Lovely Blog



Thank you to Crazymadmumof4 and Sabrina for the nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award! It’s a lovely way to get to know a bit more about other bloggers!

Here are seven facts about me:

  1. Although I adore teaching it wasn’t my first love, I started out with a degree in Psychology which I always adored and have unrealistic ideas about returning to someday.
  2. I went to an Irish speaking primary and secondary school.
  3. I took my husbands name when we got married but took the Irish version of it, so although we have the same surname it is in two different languages… awkward me?
  4. I make decisions very quickly. I know where my heart lies and I tend to leap before I look, luckily this usually pays off for me.
  5. I am very law abiding. I hate littering, speeding, parking in disabled spots etc. I think we all live in a society and that we should be working together rather than against each other.
  6. My brother once hired and then fired me in the same week when he was accused by his boss of nepotism, luckily it was only to be a summer job for me.. and in fairness he had already hired my cousin and one of my other brothers 🙂 I come from a very large family.
  7. I drink pints of Smithwicks…. It all started when I was young and wanted to order something that didn’t make me look underage and grew into a love affair!

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