Toddler Book Reviews- What Colour is Love?

Every Thursday our library hosts a toddler hour where they read to and do crafts with the little ones. So every Thursday we toddle along and then pick up new books for bedtime reading on our way out. I adore children’s books and have been buying them for years before I had my own kids (occupational hazard!) so we have quite a collection. So I decided I would do some reviews and share our favourites with you.

What Colour is Love? 


Linda Strachan and David Wojtowycz

Theme: Colour/ Animals


What colour is love is a gorgeously illustrated children’s book that teaches about colour and animals. It follows a little elephant going on a walkabout and asking the animals he meets what colour they think love is. A simple concept. Bright colourful pictures and plenty of vocabulary to discuss along with the repetitive “what colour is love?” question make this sweet book perfect for reading with toddlers.



Colours: Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White and Pink

Animals: Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Parrot, Zebra and Flamingo,



The book is written in simple rhyming couplets; for example

“Red is for flowers, but love is so bright,

it’s really quite simple, love must be white.”


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