Hen parties.. when you are a Mammy.

I’ve just been to a hen party at the weekend. Oh gone are the days of the two day drinking sessions. Falling around lovely towns in middle Ireland and taking hungover or drunken boat trips or kayaking or paintballing. Dressing up in matching themed outfits and carrying a blow up man aptly named Dick.

As you get older and more and more people join the mammy tribe, hen parties start to take on a different colour. Here are some of the ways I find hen parties have matured to match our.. um… mature ages.

  • Two hen’s were pregnant, so we had lots of talk about due dates, pregnancy symptoms and labour plans.
  • Two hen’s were breastfeeding so lots of talk about engorged boobs, leaking milk and breast pumps.
  • The activity was a quite sedate walk, which was very sensibly curtailed due to the rain.
  • Although penis straws were provided, not one Mammy actually used one.
  • What was originally planned to be a two day affair became a one day affair as the bride to be missed her little baby too much.
  • Meals, drinks, taxis, and accomodation were all organised and paid for in advance.
  • Nobody puked.
  • Presents for the bride to be included candles and bunting, not blow up dolls and garters.
  • Nobody had matching outfits, except coincidentally two hen’s had matching DKNY clutches.
  • Shots were replaced with glasses of water as the night progressed.
  • Everyone was bright eyed the next morning.

10 thoughts on “Hen parties.. when you are a Mammy.

  1. I organised my mams hens last year. Two nights away in Kilkenny. No blow-ups, penis straws or hideous hen shenanigans just a brilliant two night away without the kids. Although there was hangovers…

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist


  2. My kids are all toddlers now and because I started so late in life my friends had already had kids so now we are back at the stage of drinking at get togethers but I am always checking my watch and making sure to drink water in between for sleep and water are sure ways to not have a hangover and be able to function with my children the next day 😀


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