Why recovering from surgery sucks.. when you are a mammy.

Ok so I know I’m very lucky. I only had keyhole surgery. My husband is home for the next two weeks. We have lots of family help. I know it could be worse. But still here’s why recovering from surgery sucks when you are a mammy.

  • I’m not supposed to do any heavy lifting for six weeks, I’m sure the girls probably qualify as heavy but much I hardly think I will make six weeks without lifting them into car seats, high chairs, buggies, cots, for cuddles,
  • I have been in bed pretty much since I got home which is confusing my little ones and upsetting them because they don’t know why I won’t come and play with them.
  • I got my husband to pop them in beside me for bedtime stories only for my eldest to jump on my tummy. I explained to her that the doctor put plasters on mammy’s tummy so she had to be careful, to which she replied excitedly “show me!” I did and she burst into tears! Big proper inconsolable tears. So there’s traumatising the kids ticked off the list.
  • The kids are completely out of routine, being minded by different people all day, so they are out of sorts and cranky, cue mammy guilt.
  • Although the biggest mammy guilt of all is from my little one who just keeps crying for me, at naptime, bedtime etc.
  • Switching off is pretty impossible, I am finding myself shouting questions and instructions at my poor husband from my sickbed. “Did they have their breakfast?” “You would want to start putting their coats on now if you want to be out of here in ten minutes!”
  • No housework for six weeks, oh what bliss… or it would be if someone else would do it, most likely it would end in no clean clothes, a house that is a germ-infested and trip hazardous, no proper meals and a lack of clean dishes.
  • My nurse is pretty busy with my toddlers, which yesterday meant me getting stuck, in pain, at an awkward angle trying to get back into bed on my own because I didn’t want to ask for help while he was putting the girls down for naps.

But on the plus side of it all, my surgeon said that I would be crazy to get pregnant with my gallbladder problems but now it’s gone we can jump right back in.. umm.. well as soon as I can move again… and I’m not in pain..


11 thoughts on “Why recovering from surgery sucks.. when you are a mammy.

  1. I know how you feel, I had a section with my last lady and it’s so so hard to be good and not just do some hoovering or pick up this or that, and you’re right the switching off is literally impossible! Get well soon!!!


  2. Enjoy being waited on. It’s not very often that us Mummies get a chance to have a rest.
    I know how you feel though. I had a c-section with my twins and felt useless. My boys who were only 3 and 1 at the time just wanted me to play and cuddle. By the end of the second week I’d had enough and was doing my best to carry on as normal!
    I hope your surgery went well and you’re feeling better in now time 🙂


  3. Enjoy the down time! I am truly jealous, after two Sections with little down time I would have adored being able to write this post.

    Feel better soon.


  4. I hear ya, its tough trying to recover. I’d a section on both my 2 and was blessed with both recoveries. When I saw my son for the 1st time after 3 days the first thing I did was grab him to lift him up. My husband gave out to me but I didnt care of the consequences (thankfully all was ok) I wanted to hold my little boy who got so big in those 3 days!
    I hope your feeling more yourself now


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