Love is.. the Parenting Version.

Love is…

  • Getting up to the kids in the morning when you are barely functioning to allow the other to lie in
  • Holding hands even while pushing buggy’s and catching wayward toddlers.
  • Making cups of tea… and coffee… and more tea.
  • Having moments when a genuine panic attack hits at the thought of ever being without them.
  • Accepting that it wasn’t them but the sleep deprivation talking.
  • Knowing it’s ok to miss your children when out on a “date” together.
  • Not having an ESC button.
  • Appreciating the increase in boob size and being unphased by the increase in belly size.
  • Finding the love for your children only amplifies your love for each other.
  • Getting a “you look beautiful” while wearing no make up and a pair of tracksuit pants.
  • Being exactly where you want to be.

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