Christmas gone wrong.


So this was how Christmas was supposed to go;

Gifts ready for everyone, thoughtfully chosen, spirit spilling out all over the place, Santa visits and mince pies, the news that next year we would have another little person to join our family. Family and friends visits and lots of cheer.

This is how Christmas is shaping up with three days to go:

Mammy has been out of action since Friday evening, my lovely babies have been unwell, we have been home for the past two days watching way too much tv and going stir crazy. We didn’t visit anyone at the weekend and no one was allowed visit us. Operation quarantine. We’ve been on a diet of toast and water, flat 7up and ice pops. Babies have recovered and are off seeing Santa without Mammy who is still bloody sick in bed.

Santa is not ready, at all, Santa hasn’t even started. Also family and friends presents which were to be taken care of with a whole weekend of shopping (why do I leave things so late??) are still woefully absent.

So ready or not body, and body is feeling decidedly not ready, we are going to drag your sick backside out of bed and all around the shops tomorrow.. (any with a loo nearby) and buy any old crap at all that will do people. Slippers, gloves, socks and hats for everyone. Stop complaining you know you use them.

Lord only knows if anyone will stomach Christmas dinner, my favourite. Prosecco and wine are probably off the list. Christmas pints? Hmmm…. no. Visiting babies and older relatives, afraid not on contamination grounds.

Can we have a reprieve? Can we all just agree to put Christmas off for a week or two??

But worse than all of this, the lack of presents, the lack of stomach control, the lack of goodwill and Christmas spirit is this one thing;

The absence of the baby. What was to be our big Christmas surprise has fallen flat and our baby was gone before we ever saw it.


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