The joys of renting. The crisis pending.

We are not homeowners. First we spent most of our 20’s in education, then we got married and our children followed soon after, all of which exhausted our savings accounts. We were living in Dublin and completely priced out of the area we were living in. We decided to move back down the country to have a better quality of life for our children. We had been saving anything extra since into our deposit fund. That came to a halt when I went on career break to stay home with the little ones. We have a little bit saved, nowhere near the (potential) 20% that we may need to buy but we will persevere.

For the moment we are tenants. We pay rent every month for a house which we call home. And while we pay rent it is our home. Landlords presumably understand this right? We deal with an estate agent who should certainly understand it. I missed a call from the estate agent while at the doctors the other day. We have been waiting for someone to come and fix a few bits in the house that were supposed to be done when we moved in but weren’t. The estate agent left a message saying that someone was on the way and if I wasn’t there he had given him to key to come in himself?? A key, for my home, to a man I don’t know from Adam to let himself in without my prior permission??

Why are you treated as less than if you are renting? My friend who is also renting had her estate agent say to her “Why is it that you are not in a position to buy?” when the house she was renting went up for sale.

Is it the Irish obsession with home ownership? Are people who are renting looked down on? It is such an unstable time to be a tenant and such an impossible time to buy. The situation is all over the news with the dire circumstances some people have found themselves in. People are becoming homeless in many areas as rents skyrocket. We both had full time jobs with the public service and struggled with Dublin rents. We both have full time jobs with the public service and are struggling to buy. How on earth are people who are not in such a lucky situation as us going to cope?


5 thoughts on “The joys of renting. The crisis pending.

  1. Wow we are in such a similar situation! We are currently saving to get married and hoping to save £5,000 next year for that. So following that it’ll take us nearly 5 years to own our own home. Ridiculous isn’t it. I always pictured something better but they just make it far too difficult xx


    1. I know, it is so difficult. We would have loved to have owned our own house before we got married and had our kids but we were broke after college and we didn’t want to put our lives on hold just to save for an enormous deposit! Saving for a wedding is very exciting though! 🙂


  2. Oh my, I would be fuming!!! We are renting too but it’s funnily enough from the women who trained me at hairdressing. She is just happy she has no hassle. If small things break, I fix itx text her why she’ll be short of rent. My rent for a 3 bed is 920 in an amazing area with extension downstairs. I fret daily that she may raise the rent and honestly we couldn’t afford it right now…


    1. It’s the not knowing isn’t it? And being at someone else’s mercy! That’s amazing rent for Dublin! We are paying 850 in Kilkenny for a four bed, so lots of room and in an area we love, we were at 1000 in Dublin for a 3 bed before we left and it was TINY!

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