The best of times.

Before I had my children, the best of times were big events. They were gigs, birthday parties, nights out, holidays. Times that were different to the norm. Times when I stepped outside my “normal” life, everyday life.

The best of times before babies

Now the best of times are the everyday. The best of times are walks in the park, baths, going to the supermarket or the library. Snuggling at bedtime, cleaning snots and getting kisses. We are wholeheartedly living our normal lives.

When my first daughter was born my uncle wrote in her card. “Congratulations, well that’s it isn’t it, the meaning of life is life”

And it is true for us. They have given my life meaning, they have given my early mornings meaning when I hear “MAMA!” being screamed through the monitor. They brighten every day. When I am down they still jump up and down on me and don’t give me a moments peace and they drag me out of any slump.

So much as I miss the freedom of my life before them, my life with them is infinitely, endlessly better.

IMAG2082_1 (1)
The best of times now

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