The countdown begins… dun dun dun…


Just checking that it is still November.. it is right? Christmas panic among the mammy’s in our area has truly set in. As evidenced by the conversation at mammy and baby group this morning.

One Mammy turned to me and seeing my girls said “Oh you have girls, are you trying to get the Frozen dolls?” Emm.. no my eldest is two! Apparently the local toy store has sold out of Frozen dolls, there is a consignment due on Wednesday according to the mum who had been there this morning. One mammy is sending her husband around to all the toy shops in Dublin after work (poor husband),  another is getting her friends to send them over from London.

Now I know mine are little but really?? Can’t Santy just be out of Frozen dolls? Can’t the kids be distracted by something else? Is the Santy list now an order form?

After all the frozen panic one Mam sighed and said “well at least in 5 weeks it will all be over…”

Have all the Mammy’s lost the Christmas spirit already??



3 thoughts on “The countdown begins… dun dun dun…

  1. I feel sorry for parent s under that pressure. I minded someones 6yr old at the school run yesterday while the dad dashed to smyths. He didnt get it. There are people selling them to desperate parent for TWO HUNDRED EURO on!! Thankfully so far I’ve never had that pressure. Lego is all my boys want. I couldn’t find the exact lego castle my 3 yr old wants so i got an alertanative and im sure he’ll love it. If he doesn’t it’s fine, he’s getting lots of lovely little surprises and I’m sure he’ll be happy with them. Again if he’s not it’s fine, HE’S THREE. I can imagine how these parents just desperately want to give their child what they want on Christmas morning, and of course the poor child has no idea of the stresses it causes… but no it shouldn’t be stressful. Hopefully regardless of wether they get the doll or not the kids and parents will enjoy their christmas..


    1. I was saying it to my mum yesterday and she said my sister still talks about a doll she wanted that she didn’t get but her cousin did! (although my sister does have the memory of an elephant…) I’m hoping I have a few more years before mine mind what they get! But yes I can understand that you don’t want your kids to be disappointed on Christmas morning, I was just surprised everyone was so frantic! You have free reign to say “I told you so” when mine are 6 and 7 and I am running around like a headless chicken looking for the “in” toy!

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      1. Haha! I know! I’m sort of presumimg that with boys i won’t have this problem at all but i might eat my words some christmas! It’s terrible and i am at a loss to umderstand how disney did not foresee this and make enough!!? We alk know how big Frozen was!! Surely they should have had enough stock for everyone… yeh i imagine if your friend or cousin gets the most wanted toy and you don’t it would be horrible. Still though the poor parents!


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