Success: What I want for my children

We all want something for our children. We all envision the life we want them to live. I want my children to be successful. I want them to have the best of everything in life. I want them to life life to the fullest.

I want them to understand what it means to be successful. To me success means living the life that you want to live. It means understanding who you are and what you want from life. Success is different for everyone.

This is how I want my children to live their lives;

Do something that you love. Something that interests you on a daily basis. Something that makes you think. Don’t do a job purely for the money. If you wake in the morning and get out of bed to go happily about your day then you are there. You can be a train driver or a pilot or a marketing executive or a hairdresser, a doctor or a garda or an animator. Do what fits you.

Find someone who you love, and who loves you, completely, all of you. When you are waiting for this person never settle, never believe that you are worth less than you are. If that person doesn’t come along remember you already have a family that loves you. Cultivate your friendships. Fill your life with people who make your day better for seeing them.

Do things you love daily: read, walk, jump out of aeroplanes, whatever makes you happy. Do it often. Go backpacking in Asia or go caravaning in Tramore. Travel to places that appeal to you. You don’t have to go to the far corners of the earth to experience the tranquility of being in a different space. Go clubbing or go to gigs, wear heels or flats, go to a play or to a hurling match.

Find out who you are and don’t let go of it. Don’t try to be anyone else. Who you are is perfect. Trust me; I look at you every day and I think it, other people will too.



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